12 Survivors Tactical Backpack Black

The 12 Survivors Tactical Backpack Black has a main, large compartment, which contains four mesh pockets for easily identifying and organizing your contents. The webbing on the front and side allow for easy attachment of accessories, and the two straps on the bottom of the pack are for strapping in a sleeping bag or bed roll, which will free up space in the pack for your other contents. With a pocket for a hydration system, ambidextrous tubing holes, and thick padding on the shoulder straps, the 12 Survivors E.O.D. Pack will succeed in any situation you might find yourself in.

Product Features:

  • Zipper lumbar pad
  • Pockets under back padding
  • Extra padded shoulder straps
  • Additional exterior loading straps
  • Velcro strip label
  • Velvet lined top pocket
  • Elastic bands for maximum loading capabilities


Product Dimensions:

  • 20” x 16.5” x 4”
  • Main compartment dimensions 20"x14"x7"
  • Front compartment dimensions 14"x10"x2"
  • Top compartment dimensions 4"x9"x2"
  • Total backpack size 2,312 cubic inches/ 37.69L