Adventure Medical Pocket Survival Pak Plus

The Pocket Survival Pak PLUS fulfills first aid needs for multiple days in a trip or for a rare emergency. This kit includes everything in the Pocket Survival Pak, PLUS a CRKT RSK-MK5
knife, an E-Gear PICO LED light, Katadyn Micropur MP1 water purification tablets, and a 1-liter collapsible water bag - all packed in a waterproof welded-fabric pouch that fits in your pocket.

RF-welded, waterproof carry pouch
Instructions specific to items in the kit
Tools to make shelter, trap/catch food, start a fire, signal, and more
Weight: 5 oz.

* Back country Hiking & Skiing
* Backpacking/Hiking
* Car Camping
* Climbing
* Hunting & Fishing