The recent government shut down, increasing debt limit, and the Affordable Health Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare) has me worried for the future state of the economy in our great country. It seems that with the best and brightest minds in charge of our economy things should be improving. In reality it’s not that simple and put simply, it means our future is not looking so great. So, what are we supposed to do? Until our politicians start thinking about their constituents versus their own political agendas, the only option for us is to be prepared for the worst—meaning a collapse of the economy. I know it sounds fatalistic, but I figure if you are prepared for the worst and nothing happens then you have extra food, water and savings on hand, but if you are not prepared and something does happen… you are in trouble! Hopefully, this post will get you thinking of what you and your family can do to be prepared before its too late.

Are we perceptive enough to see the warning signs around us? What will the signs look like? What should we be aware of?



These are a few things that I pay attention to:

  1. The news, both local and national,
  2. Percentage of persons unemployed,
  3. The actual number of unemployed in the country,
  4. The number of people that are under-employed,
  5. Price of consumer goods, particularly gas, milk, eggs, and bread.

There are other things could be examined as good indicators, but these are ones that I take note of.           

For starters, watching the nightly news is a great place to start. The national and local stories provide insight on the general state of the nation and economic trends. You should take notice of what is happening in your community, nation, and world. By understanding what crimes are being committed, the reasons behind them, and also what good things are happening around you one begins to understand what people in general are thinking.

Just how many people are unemployed in this country? Every quarter this number is released by the Labor Department and every time the stock market will hang by a thread waiting to see which direction to head. This is a good number to watch, but a more important number to look at is the actual number of people that are under-employed. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics the number is steadily rising! Don’t believe me? Compare the archives for yourself and you’ll see that it’s true. It takes a little effort, but the numbers are there and it is worth taking time to look for yourself.

In the above list, I mentioned the price of gas per gallon, this is important because everyone in this country and the majority world gets their energy from petroleum in one form or the other. Also, most of what we consume is shipped to us from other locations. Therefore, when the price of gas goes up, so does the cost of consumer goods. Budgets get stretched thin when things cost more resulting in fewer purchased goods and a slowdown in the economy.


How Long and What to Expect.

I wish I had a crystal ball to determine when it will happen. I know that the economy can’t continue on its current pace. Therefore, now is the time we need to prepare for the worst!

What should we expect? The recent food stamp incident in Louisiana where store shelves were cleared out in minutes proves what happens when the public feels there food supply is threatened. As the old saying goes, “People are smart… crowds are stupid”

In preparation for the upcoming events, the best way to prepare is to first think about the items that you use on a daily basis. Think about the things you would like to have? What things do you need to have? What medication do you need? Are there certain dietary concerns that you or a your family have? What can you do to protect the items that you have painstakingly gathered for a major disaster? Would you be prepared to stay in your home for several weeks? Months? Do you have enough water for your dehydrated food supply? Do you have a games stored, candy, chocolate? What happens if the power goes out and it is in the middle of the winter? All of these questions need to be answered. I can honestly say I still things I need to gather and without knowing a date or time when things will happen it is difficult for me to find the motivation to prepare. I know that it will be worth it in the end, but still its still hard to find that inner motivation.



Why not be prepared? It could be worse. Having a years worth of food and supplies is a great place to start for a minimum. Having these items will be useful for not only an economic collapse, but also for any personal or family emergencies such as an extended job loss, extreme medical bills, or any unexpected financial obligation that may come your way. Having the ability to be self-sustainable for a year will also provide you and your family confidence if things go bad. Because, who doesn’t need a little more confidence in a society where a grocery store can be cleaned out in a couple of hours! I hope you consider these things and remember that when the economy fails the government physically cannot provide for everyone. Ultimately you are responsible for feeding and taking care of your family. Remember that once it events begin it will be too late.

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Written by Roger Peters — November 17, 2013

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