Are You Prepared?

The recent government shut down, increasing debt limit, and the Affordable Health Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare) has me worried for the future state of the economy in our great country. It seems that with the best and brightest minds in charge of our economy things should be improving. In reality it’s not that simple and put simply, it means our future is not looking so great. So, what are we supposed to do? Until our politicians start thinking about their constituents versus their own political agendas, the only option for us is to be prepared for the worst—meaning a collapse of the economy. I know it sounds fatalistic, but I figure if you are prepared for the worst and nothing happens then you have extra food, water and savings on hand, but if you are not prepared and something does happen… you are in trouble! Hopefully, this post will get you thinking of what you and your family can do to be prepared before its too late.

Top Ten Extreme Survivalist that would Dominate any Apocalypse

Photo courtesy of: We all talk a big game when it comes to who is the manliness. But in our estranged lifestyles nowadays, lets be honest we pretty much live like kings with food at our beckon call and entertainment at the click of a button. We haven’t really struggled in life for the most part. But what would happen if things got out of control? Like let’s say that the government shut down (wait that already happened) and Wall Street went into chaos (happened!) and lost limited resources. IF, and I’m saying if that happened, it’s probably noticeable that other things might fail too. Lets say that technology stopped working and regular things that we were able to do are no longer easy to acquire and use.

There was a study that pointed out that if we did lose technology, that it would take at least another 100 years to recreate the ballpoint pen. So considering that, it would take quite awhile to actually get back to where we once were.

So what would you do? Now that you’re basically in the depths of despair, ran out of food supply and have hardly any weapons to go hunting and to protect you and your family.

Written by Jordan Hogenson — October 11, 2013

15 Sustainable Uses for the Machete

It is the month of October and is the season of the machete. You think that the machete is the tool of the season because of its use in horror films. However, it might surprise you to know that the machete can offer more than the decapitation of zombie heads.In fact, I would like to encourage horror film makers to re-think the use of the machete. This tool has been pigeonholed as a defense tool only; it being the preferred tool for zombie hunters. In reality, this tool has many sustainable uses that go far beyond defense.

FEMA's New Back Up Plan - Have more duct tape!

FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.

Revolution - The Plot Thickens

Revolution has a plot, interesting characters, guns, people living off the land, and good vs. bad!  Read my take on the good and bad of the show. Also, i will be giving my predictions for the new third season.

You are not a survivor until you rescue yourself

No two situations are the same. So in this case you must develop a system general enough to follow under all situations. One suggestion that is being adopted in the survival field is the acronym S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L.

Food Storage 101

Living in the suburbs doesn’t lend itself to many options when it comes to food, unless you wander into your neighbor’s garden.  Which is probably not the best idea, if you value your life. Your neighbor may likely shoot you for trespassing.  However, after reading this post, you may take comfort from the fact that you will have planned ahead and that there is plenty of food sitting in your food storage.

Dinner with a trusted friend

Guest Writer - Ryan Kratzer

Do you enjoy eating food? If that is a “yes” then this is the tool for you! A durable set of utensils housed in a mesh bag, durable and ready to go. Grab this Baladeo cutlery kit from Each piece of this cutlery kit will become your best friend whether eatinghallway pie with your buddies, eating sand at your favorite park, munching down on some lightweight convenient Wise Foods or to digging into your favorite dutch oven cuisine. 

Get the right Gear - How to create your own kit

With the correct items on hand, quite a bit of risk can be mitigated and your safety can be maintained. The best part, nearly all of the items can fit in a small tin that can easily be carried in a pocket or purse. There are some great suggestions on contents of a survival tin. I have included just a few for some ideas to get you going.

Remember, in the case of survival, you are the first line of defense. With the right products at your disposal, practiced training, and creativity, you can create a great kit that can be used for many situations.

How to Survive in the Cold

Cold Weather SurvivalNow that we are in the summer and there is no place to hide from the heat, I thought that it would be appropriate to write about cold weather survival.  If you start thinking about gearing up now, when you are asked to go on a winter hike or camp-out with your friends it won’t be such a daunting task to prepare for.