We just met a number of companies and individuals who provide tours to Africa. These tours are for outdoor enthusiasts, wilderness outfitters, outdoor outfitters, hunting outfitters and wilderness lovers. We want to recommend a number of these companies to you; Here is our top 5 list for Africa tour companies and services.

The Good Earth Tours

This company has the ability of taking you to many awe inspiring destinations like South Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, exotic wildlife in Kenya, a network of 10 national parks in Uganda, and the mysteries of the great Okavango Delta in Botswana, Africa's largest and most beautiful oasis. These tours offer a glimpse of nature to wilderness enthusiasts with a love of nature and adventure.

Safari Afrika

Safari Afrika offers Photographic safaris covering Southern Africa; Victoria Falls; Kruger National Par; Cape Town; Nambia, Botswana; and Sun City. Richard and Ruth Lemmer are life members of professional hunters association of South Africa and renown hunters and outfitters and also offer wilderness tours. When we last spoke to them they said, "Don't wait for retirement! Go to Africa now! We will be your hosts.

Tumuga is a family owned business in South Africa and the name of this company comes from the African language Tswana that means waterbuck. Hunters are invited to enjoy South Africa on a beautiful reserve with unique, comfortable facilities, trophy hunting opportunities. The owners are outfitters and PH's with 30 years of experience. The hunting trips include important information and assistance like rifle permit (SAP 520 form), equipment lists, travel tips, recommendations and taxidermy services. Great for hunters interested in a well-planned hunting safari.

Mugaba Safaris
Mugaba Safaris prides itself in its unsurpassed African Hunting Safaris and we have mastered our service offering to include the following additional services; Elephantback Safaris, Photographic Safaris, Golfing Safaris, Trout fishing Safaris, McNab hunts, Helicopter and Fixed wing charters, Overland Tours, and the opportunity to have the Safari professionally filmed and produced.
Africa Sport Hunting Safaris

First class rifle and bow hunting with ethical, professional hunters. Family and photographic tours with specialized vehicles. Luxury accommodations and excellent cuisine and staff.With 12 years of experience your host Kiley Matthews and the entire staff offer a custom-built hunt to fit your needs. You will experience first class rifle and bow hunting, photographic tours, gourmet cuisine, luxury accommodation.


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Written by Emily Thunberg — March 01, 2013

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