Re-prioritizing beauty

“Lets go! Grab everything you need!”

This is a statement my husband shouted at me while trying to usher me out the door for our afternoon hiking trip. Well, you might wonder what a survivalist like myself grabbed. What is in my grab and gopack? Surely someone like myself has a sophisticated bug out bag. Well, while I do have a really awesome bug out bag and 72 hour kit, I grabbed what I thought were “the essentials” and got in the car. We drove to the mouth of the canyon and got out.  

I interpreted that I would only be gone for an hour and that the bug out bag was overkill to the afternoon outing planned. Actually, I wish I had this type of logical thought progression to what I grabbed when in reality, I really just wasn’t thinking.

What did I bring with me? Well, I am ashamed to say. I did a couple of laps through the house and grabbed my survival essentials

I am so embarrassed to say what type of strange priority I had playing that morning. What operating system could have prompted me to bring such ridiculous items to our hike?

Ok, I will not leave you in suspense any longer. Unfortunately, and with total embarrassment, I have to admit that my husband snapped a picture of me on this afternoon in order to document my shameful priorities of the day.

Coffee, lip gloss, secondary lip stick, and cell phone

My husband teased me about my survival priorities and I acknowledged that in a life or death situation I was not very prepared but that there were other survival priorities I was adhering too; like the beauty requirements for the social fabric of society. Don’t even try to convince me that make-up and beauty is not a part of a social fabric. What would a world be like if the women just decided to stop wearing make-up? I mean, I could live without bronzers, blush, or eye shadow and liner. But no lip gloss? Really!?! No lip stick?

I have seen those survival TV shows and trust me; Make-up is still used and lip-stick and volumizing shampoo is totally on the top of the beauty list. The beauty rules that defines the social fabric of a woman’s existence were definitely the top priority of the day.  

Could I live without lip – gloss? Well sure I could. I just didn’t on the day that my husband and I went hiking.

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Written by Emily Thunberg — June 11, 2013

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