One thing that is required if you’re going to be a survivalist is this concept of "being prepared". These preparedness skills should be second nature to you. It might take awhile but it’s one of the ultimate goals to be a survivalist if you love life and want to keep yours. So if you can prepare for the essentials and work your way down the list then you have an advantage over a lot of other people.

Most worry about “Where do I start because there is so much to do?" How can anyone handle such a list?  It just seems overwhelming to start getting survival gear and prepared for natural disasters and other occurrences. You should use those thoughts to motivate you on starting with a list of essential gear and food.

Making a list of what’s priority and what can wait. It’s not too hard to start thinking of a list for a week, a month list, and 6 month list. That should keep you busy enough just jotting down ideas. Anything more than that could possibly make you hyperventilate. So with that list, what are the essential needs of your group?

1. Freshwater - without this you won't last a couple days.

2. bleach - to disinfect and purify water incase it’s not clean and to bleach your shirt incase you want to look presentable to others.

3. cell phones - Let’s just say this little device has more arrows in its quiver than you think. I know, I know, what can you do with a cell phone if a natural disaster occurs? Well I bet you didn’t know that you can call an emergency # without any service or even if the keypad is locked. You should try it sometime just call 112. Or did you know that your cell phone had a reserve for your battery? Of Course this sounds weird but try it out next time. Better to check and see if it works before just winging it.

5. toilet paper and lots of it. You can basically use this as a bartering tool incase you need to trade for other essential stuff.

6. Back-pack with room for ready to eat meals, blanket, knife, firekit. Try to carry lightly, if you pack to heavy you might not make it to your destination.

If you are planning something bigger than this then you probably are looking for a apocalypse gear.

No man can come out on top if he never plans on it. Make sure you want to come out on top and plan it!

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Written by Jordan Hogenson — June 11, 2013

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