Can you have best of both worlds? Be a tech savvy guru with all the gizmo’s and gadgets and yet become Butch Cassidy when the apocalypse comes. I mean it could happen and personally I wouldn’t want my derriere left behind because I sat at home all day playing nintendo games.

Not that playing nintendo games isn’t cool, I personally believe video games could help you prepare in virtual land but maybe those skills are transferable in real life.

There are many sources that will help you challenge those skills and take it to the next level. For tips and tricks these nerds have compiled a huge amount of data that you can gloat over and study. If you can get through all of this stuff then you have graduated from “lifehacker let’s kick some a$$ school”.

You are probably asking what was that first site about, well that was just so you have some basic skills in being a nerd but I’m sure you wanted the ultimate MacGyver list.

After you’re done with the Mac G list then head on over for some fight club skills. These are going to be essential. Trust me! You are going to need this; have you never been to a soccer game? Those kids kill people just for making the wrong call. So if I were you I’d listen before you hear “How ya like them apples!”  

First lesson, just run! I mean it, there is at least a 60% chance you can get away. If you’re not the type to provoke a fight let alone scream at someone you haven’t even met then this is your best choice. Second, cry! This might have a good chance if the guy hasn’t already killed someone if not you’re screwed. If you are a guy well that could probably do some emotional damage if you were put in a position where you had to cry. Just make sure if you do it that you plan on not seeing that group for quite sometime. If it get’s any hairier I would jot down some street fight techniques.

Well if you took my first advice and ran you probably have made it to the hills by now. And I hope that you have read Hatchet because you’re going to be in a similar situation. One thing I learned in that book is that with a fire there pretty much is no obstacle you cannot conquer, but the hardest part is having the necessary fire kit tools to start a fire. Let alone one that you might need asap. Fire can help you purify water, cook fish, squirrel, etc, keep you warm and safe.

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Written by Jordan Hogenson — June 11, 2013

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