Growing up in Southern Virginia it was (and still is) a common practice to carry a pocket knife.  Over the years, styles of the knife have changed but the custom remains the same.  My grandfather’s employer gave him an engraved Case Stockman with a bone handle that he carried with him at all times.  My Father also has a Stockman that he carries with him.  Although I don’t always have one in my pocket, I am usually not too far away from one.  However, I do find myself needing to use a knife on a regular basis, whether it is for opening a package, a letter, or cutting something.

What type of knife do you carry?  Different options include: fixed blade, folding knife, butterfly knife, and a multi-tool.  Fixed blade knives are common and used for many purposes.  They are useful for survival applications and quite rugged.  While useful in the outdoors, the drawback to the fixed blade knife is that they are difficult to carry in an urban environment.  The folding knife is available in many options have comparable strength to the fixed blade knives.  Butterfly knives are easy to carry, easy to open with one hand but tend to be less popular with the average user.

One of the more useful survival tools to be developed in the last 20 years is themultitool.  I see a lot of people carrying a multi-tool on a daily basis.  Multi-tools are extremely useful for various reasons, especially for stocking your survival kit.  With a good multi-tool you can cut a rope, sharpen a stick, or open a can of food.  You will be grateful when disaster strikes and you have taken the time to put one in your bug-out bag.

Remember to keep whatever knife you choose sharp!  There are more people hurt with a dull knife than with one kept sharp.  Also remember to oil the hinges and blade periodically.  A well-kept knife should last a lifetime and serve you countless times.  Just think, one day be able to hand your pocket knife down to your son (or daughter).  It will be an heirloom that they will treasure and keep for a lifetime, until it becomes their turn to hand it down to their children.

Choosing the right knife comes down to making the decision of whether or not you want to be prepared, somewhat prepared, or ready for any emergency situation.  I am not saying that carrying a pocket knife will prepare you for every survival situation, but with a good knife in your pocket or survival kit… you will be better prepared to face the inevitable with a knife that you can depend on.  Who knows, your life may someday depend on it!


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Written by Roger Peters — June 11, 2013

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